Recent Publications

400 Cranes, God’s Tea Leaves and Salvage at Sky Island Journal, Summer 2022

Self-Portrait with Sediment at Front Porch Review, July 2022

Every Morning Leda at Quartet, July 2022

Ponticello, Satellite, and Pearl at Rat’s Ass Review, Summer 2022

My Father’s Voice, One Art, January 2022

Tongue Prophecy at The Shore, July 2021

Rooster Cogburn and Language Acquisition at failbetter, April 2021

Sailor by the Wind at Quartet, April 2021

Metronome at Front Porch, April 2021

Doctrine of the Kite, at One Art, March 2021

Octopus Dreaming at Triggerfish Critical Review, January 2021

Hilt at West Trade Review, October 2020

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